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Do any of you know what a speed spocket is because some ppl say it makes your ped go faster.

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XBrandon EdgeX /

A speed sprocket is a different sprocket with more or less teeth on it to change performance. a bigger sprocket on the engine or a smaller sprocket on the wheel will give you more top speed, but takes away acceleration. a smaller sprocket on the engine or a bigger sprocket on the back gives you more low end torque and acceleration, but takes away from top speed.

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Yes, its just a sprocket on the rear hub that is smaller ( less teeth ) than the one that's on there now. You can also use a larger ( more teeth ) countershaft sprocket, that's the sprocket that is attatched to the engine or belt pulley. For mopeds it's usually easier to put a smaller rear sprocket on and shorten the chain.

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Wayne Broderick /

I'm not concerned w/top end-- I'm going to go for pulling power-- When I get the piston kit, I plan on using both front and rear power sprockets.

Ree-- Do you know, would this give a ton of low end or what? I'm pretty close to having enough loot to buy it.

(Targa, 2000 model)


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Reeperette /

Yeah, you'd lose tons of top end, but you'd prolly be able to spin em on start.

You gotta Bi-Turbo on that thing ? cause I would do both...sprocket mods and Bi-Turbo, you'd have mega jumpoff power.

Don't forget the kickstand...mind.


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