Turn signals for an Autopower

Has anyone else ordered a turn signal kit for an Avanti Autopower? If you have an Autopower, would you look at it and see if it is set up for turn signals? I ordered a kit from Steve's Moped for $89.95, and got 4 turn signals, no wiring, no switch, and no mounting brackets. Steve's says all that stuff is already on my bike but none of it is. The bike I got is a 2000 model, and I wonder why I didn't get what I paid for when I bought it. Steve's is exchanging what they sent me for what they call a gadabout kit which will have evey thing I need, I hope. Ken

Re: Turn signals for an Autopower

When I got my autopower it had turnsignals mounted already. When you look at the fairing there should be two holes (where the mounting brackets are) the front turnsignals mount here (on the outside) the one hole the wire comes through and the second hold is for the mounting screw (already there).

The rear turnsignals mount on the seat platform (under the toolbox) far back to the rear of the ped with again two holes one for the wire and one for the mounting screw.

So far as the wires are conserned I did not look for the colors but they should already be bundled in the wireing harness, you may have to take the headlight off and you may have to look in the frame tube under the seat.

the only other thing that should come with the signals would be the switch which is a 3-way switch (left-off-right) which mounts to the handle bar with a u-bracket.

If you need the wiring diagram I will scan it tonight and upload it tomorrow, just let me know.

Re: Turn signals for an Autopower

Thanks for the response, trex. I looked at my fairing, no holes. There are a couple of holes in the frame under the seat but if I mounted the lights there they would be pointed sideways. I looked for the wires and there are none. Did you buy yours off the floor at a dealership? When did you get yours and is it a 2000 or a 2001? I ordered mine from Steve's and it came by truck from J & J sales in Glendale, AZ and I had to assemble it myself. I ordered mine on 4/11/01 and got a 2000 model. I think I got screwed. Ken

Re: Turn signals for an Autopower

I went to the dealership in Haggerstown Maryland. It also came from J & J, but the dealership assembled it. Sorry about not being much help, when you get the other kit if you need the wiring diagram let me know.

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