Thanks Cory!

hey fellow moped-lovers,

i just wanted to give a huge thank you to cory peterson, of the janus branch of the moped army... he's how i found out about this place. he's got a fucking bad-ass moped... i saw it on some moped gallery site... so, i e-mailed him, and found out about this through him... thanks man. you've let me into something huge, and i can't wait to start my own moped army branch... this is such a fucking awesome thing. i think we all owe the decepticons a gigantic thank you, if one hasn't been issued in the past. even if it has, i don't care. i'm giving another one. THANK YOU DECEPTICONS!!!!!


Re: Thanks Cory!

the way that you use language shows your intelligence.

Re: Thanks Cory!

Reeperette /

What, you think we should all be english majors ?

Piss off.


Re: Thanks Cory!


I'm sorry i wasn't using correct grammar. It's not important to me. fuck, it's summer. give up the "my shit doesn't stink" routine. be yourself. unless, of course, that is yourself. if that's the case, get your ass handed to you. just a suggestion. While i was trying to do something noble and thank the creators of this amazing "movement" (if you will), you've turned it into something completely different. thank you for ruining my intentions. i can now add you to the list of people who make me sick.


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