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Accident survival (legal/financial/health)

This is gonna sound ugly and maybe be depressing, but it's stuff you need to think about, regardless of how it sounds...take it from someone who's been through it.

While the common philosophy is take care of the mess first, and worry about fault later...I can tell you some real nightmare-stuff about why you damn well BETTER concern yourself asap if you're ever in an accident and remain conscious.

The police or EMT's will likely move your moped, maybe you as well, and the cop usually winds up having "what happened" dictated to them by the driver of the auto, who usually lies their ass off about anything and everything to make it look like your fault.

The accident I was in went that way, and was indirectly responsible for the denial of care that lost me the leg, a very bitter lesson.

YOU talk to the cop, unless you happen to be on deaths door, you make DAMN sure he takes your version of events down in the official report, and gives you a written copy of the report number - MAKE that EMT crew bring him over, insist on it, throw a fit if you must - some hospitals can deny you care if they are privately funded, even in part....and if the cop decides it's your fault and slams you with a ticket, and you don't have heavy medical coverage - they can and will do this.

Your survival may depend on that, so be sure.

Also, this may sound crazy, but if you have a cell phone or can convince someone to make a phone call on the spot, do it - call someone you trust, and get em out there with a camera NOW, photo you, the other car, the scene, and your moped...ASA-F-P.

(If possible, have em grab the moped, too !)

Call a lawyer instantly - don't talk to ANYONE about it, at all, not even family, cause certain auto insurance companies will go lower than you would ever believe, and they act immediately...up to and including calling you in the hospital on your deathbed when you're all doped up and trying to get you to admit fault....get a lawyer, and use him to keep em off your back, and do it the instant you can possibly do so.

Take no shit from your health plan.

If you do have a health plan, at the slightest hint of them balking or trying to bail out on you - sic that lawyer on THEM too, I know it sucks, paying all that money and then having to file against em to get em to actually do what you pay them for, but a lot of times that's exactly how it ready.

Get your bike back - asap.

Most police departments have some kind of kickback-deal with a towing company or auto shop, and instead of towing it locally, you could find your mopeds remains being towed 40 miles away at insane mileage charges, and storage charges bordering on extortion - get it back, BEFORE you owe $2,000 in storage.

Also, a lot of towing/salvage shops will get the idea that if yer mopeds trashed enough you'll just give it to them in lieu of storage, or maybe pay them to fix it for you, and will take it upon themselves to trash it a little more, or even strip it and try to tell you those parts tore off in the wreck - another reason to have photos.

As well as the auto drivers insurance company trying to "adjust" the amount of damage you did to the car when you hit it.

Document everything.

And I mean matter how ridiculous or minor, you may need it, if you suddenly find yourself sued by an insurance company, denied medical care, etc - you might need to fight a legal fight from that hospital bed, and you had best be frosty and prepared to do so.

Ask any motorcyclist who's been in a near-fatal wreck just how damn true that will see.

Have a backup, have a plan.

Get together with a buddy or family member who you can trust implicitly, and work up a plan to handle things should it come down to it, being prepared may well just save your life one day - it's not just accidents that destroy people, it's aftermaths that can too.

Your bank and creditors, the auto drivers insurance company, the hospital, your own health plan, you-name-it...they will come down on you like a ton of bricks, and if the accident didn't wreck your life, they'll try to do so.

I sincerely hope no one here ever needs this advice, or has to use it, but there it is, from one who's been there and back.


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