Batavus Clutch

I've got a 1975 Batavus HS-50 with a bastard of a clutch. The pressure plates and cibre disk are fine. The clutch housing is the problem (and I use that term loosly). The crankshaft has two parallel flat areas where (I guess) a key would go. There is NO keyway or coresponding flat on the inside of the clutch housing to lock it in place. I've had an amazingly hard time keeping the clutch housing from spinning loosly on the crankshaft. I've gone as far as J.B. welding the clutch housing to the crankshaft and it STILL comes loose after about 20 miles. My last resort is to find someone to T.I.G. weld some aluminium into the clutch housing and patiently file away the excess untill I can get it to fit well. Has ANYONE ever encountered this? What did you do to fix it? I am SO tired of getting 2 miles from my house only to have the clutch let go and have to push the moped home.(I will NOT pedel it!!!! I'm too big.)


Re: Batavus Clutch

Hi,Richard! E-mail Brian at with your problem.I'll bet he has a solution for you.BYE!

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