gas gauge?

hey guys... i was just wondering if there's any way to get a gas gauge for a moped? i'm always running out of damned gas... i forget i guess. i drive my moped every day (when it's not out of commission) for @ least 3 hours, and it really takes a toll on the gas i guess. i don't think i'm getting the maximun mpg, but i don't mind. shit, 3-4 bucks and my tank's filled for a week? i know i could do better, but i don't care. well, thanks.

Re: gas gauge?

Your shutoff valve is your gauge, leave it in the on or main position until your engine starts to die, then switch it to reserve. Or you could put a tee fitting in your fuel line and using clear fuel line, run it up the side of the tank and into the fuel filler neck, or an aquarium air stone could be hooked on the end in lieu of putting it into the fuel filler neck. Duct tape the whole mess to the side of your tank and, viola, you've got a rolling fire hazard, er sorry, gas guage.

Re: gas gauge?

wow, i had never even realized that... good point brian. (the gas line thing, not the fire hazard... lol) well man, thanks a ton. it should save me many an embarrassing pedal to a gas station. plus, my fucking moped's a heavy-ass one... 79' puch magnum mk 2... can't figure out why it's so heavy. my friend mike has an 80' puch magnum 2, and it's waaaayyyy lighter than mine. any ideas? could it be the mag wheels? they shouldn't be that heavy, but that's the only thing i could think of...

Re: gas gauge?

Reeperette /

You know...the only method I've ever seen this kinda temperature-active gadget they use on propane tanks...that WILL give an accurate reading.

One thing to learn is the "Ree's gas gauge" trick...I can bang on the tank with a crescent wrench and tell you how much is in there, it's something only learned by experimentation and lots of experience, but it's well worth learning.

I basically top mine off before I leave, except if I am out, and leaving to get more gas...which I use a 5Gal container for...and man, I can wipe a tank or more a day if imma in the mood to ride.


Re: gas gauge?

Could be the mag wheels, take one off and compare it with a spoked wheel. I own a Puch Cobra with spoked wheels and it's pretty light, so was the Maxi II I used to own but I never weighed it. If you want better gas mileage you can take your carbs main needle out and move the circlip up a notch. Up to lean, down to richen. Put a new plug in and check it after riding to make sure your not running too lean. You could have a fuel leak, dragging brake, bad wheel bearing, worn out and dry chain, or your engine could be just plain worn out.

i know what you mean!

Man Ree, that's happened to me quite a few times... and that's a shitload of riding, cuz my tank is 2 gallons... lol. i'm kinda worried about putting too many miles on it, cuz it had 3300 or so original miles on it when i bought it! but, i can't figure out how many i put on because i never got a speedo cable w/ it. damn. oh well, i don't mind. haha! well man, i'll check ya later!


Re: gas gauge?

Rich King /

Hey guy and everybody else too:

Here's a lesson I learned at the "Univ. of Dumb & Dumber", the lesson was real simple, but the price of tuition to learn this little jewel was very steep. First always check your tank, take off cap and jiggle the ped from side to side to see how much gas slaushes around in the tank. Then top off your tank if it's less than half. #2 watch you mileage remembering approx. how far a tank will take you. Option 3, bungee a 1 gal gas can of pre-mixed gas on the back. Take it from me, I ran out of gas "way out in the country - - like about 20 miles to the nearest gas station" while participating in a vintage motorcycle poker run with my 76 PUCH Max (w/a 70 cc euro kit - - that thing gives a whole new perspective to the term "hauling ass & sucking gas", especially for a Moped.). Let me tell you, it's hard being humble sitting on the back of the "Break-down Truck", especially for running out of gas, particularly after having the b!!!'s to participate in a motorcycle run on a moped in the first place!

On the other hand, that fiasco did earn me respect w/motorcycle club that sponsored the run. They keep inviting me to their meetings and functions, also they finally stopped asking me,"Where's your Harley?? after I repled back, "In the shop being worked on like everybody else's". Oh yeah, another good one is to hit them, where it hurts, in their pocketbook, with "My $20k is in the bank insted of being tied up in a "Garage King".

See ya - - Rich

Try it.

gimmyjimmy /


I remember that post about that run, it took gumption to take that trip, the break down truck should have had some gas for you to finish the trip, but I don't think they carry premix. :)

You should check out one of the meetings or functions those guys invited you to.

When you make friends with REAL Harley riders (not a yup that just bought one on plastic) you'll have help when ever you need it.

You're more likely to see a REAL rider changing some old lady's flat tire, mowing a neighbors grass when they're away, or taking you to work when your car is in the shop.

I've been on runs where the run sponsor would set up a phony "break down" on the side of the road, to see who would stop and render assistance. They would be rewarded at the end of the run. Our group stopped and we got free T shirts.

To me, I don't give a rats bunghole what you ride, if it has 2 (or 3) wheels you're OK in my book. Strap that extra gas can to your ped and go on the next poker run, and when you finish, take a picture of all the guys slappin' you on the back and post it here on the Moped Army.


Stuff the mileage !

Reeperette /

Man, you take care of it, who cares what the mileage is.

My 95 Targa is sittin at 21,550-some miles, and if I can get a damn workin ignition ain't stayin there fer long.

Moped'll last forever unless wrecked, I've never worn one out, and I've owned many.


Re: Try it.

Reeperette /

Yer right gimmy..mosta the old-school harley pushers are folks one can get along matter how intimidating they appear to be, I've known quite a few in my time, and while they might snicker a bit...they know alla the road hassles we face, and are usually pretty decent folk.

There's one harley club in MD that rides in a certain town there, well....heheh, someone got a lesson, about them.

I was workin outside maintainence down there and watchin em, when suddenly this county cop rolls up to them and gives em some major kinda hassle, while mocking them about the teddy bear strapped over every headlight.

About ten minutes into this, about four state troopers roll in BEHIND Mr County-boy and step out....gee, you think those bears had some significance ?

Ever single rider was an off duty state trooper...boy was THAT county cop in it deep.

Same riders also do a fundraiser and toy collection runs for the impoverished over the xmas holidays, so to judge bikers by their appearance is somewhat asinine, yes.


Re: Try it.

Rich King /

Your right, several people did stop and offer assistance like gas and such. But wouldn't you know, I was too "green" to have even thought of carrying 2 cycle oil. The only thing that saved my butt was the cell phone. Actually everybody did laugh at me at the end of the run but they did buy me a dinner at the next meeting. As for Harley's and wannabe's. My part time weekend job is a "Doorman" (akc Bouncer) at a Rockabilly Biker Bar in Annandale, VA. The true "Harley guys" won't let anybody screw up "their bar" by giving me s@@* re cover charge for the band and such. They're right there to back me up, no questions asked. In fact last weekend, they inducted me into the "Grille-billy Motorcycle Club" of the Sunsett Grille in Annandale, VA. My ped parks w/the Harley's. If it isn't there to begin with in the first place, they move there. Not bad for an ole geezer who rides a Ped.


Just geezing along on the PUCH

Re: Try it.

gimmyjimmy /

I'd like to check that place out, if I'm ever in that neck o' woods.


Chris Robertson /

Check your tubes. On a humid day, air pumps can put a lot of water into your tubes (just spray air on the ground and you'll see). I've heard of people finding several pints of water in their car tires after a few years.


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