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Your right, several people did stop and offer assistance like gas and such. But wouldn't you know, I was too "green" to have even thought of carrying 2 cycle oil. The only thing that saved my butt was the cell phone. Actually everybody did laugh at me at the end of the run but they did buy me a dinner at the next meeting. As for Harley's and wannabe's. My part time weekend job is a "Doorman" (akc Bouncer) at a Rockabilly Biker Bar in Annandale, VA. The true "Harley guys" won't let anybody screw up "their bar" by giving me s@@* re cover charge for the band and such. They're right there to back me up, no questions asked. In fact last weekend, they inducted me into the "Grille-billy Motorcycle Club" of the Sunsett Grille in Annandale, VA. My ped parks w/the Harley's. If it isn't there to begin with in the first place, they move there. Not bad for an ole geezer who rides a Ped.


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