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Yer right gimmy..mosta the old-school harley pushers are folks one can get along matter how intimidating they appear to be, I've known quite a few in my time, and while they might snicker a bit...they know alla the road hassles we face, and are usually pretty decent folk.

There's one harley club in MD that rides in a certain town there, well....heheh, someone got a lesson, about them.

I was workin outside maintainence down there and watchin em, when suddenly this county cop rolls up to them and gives em some major kinda hassle, while mocking them about the teddy bear strapped over every headlight.

About ten minutes into this, about four state troopers roll in BEHIND Mr County-boy and step out....gee, you think those bears had some significance ?

Ever single rider was an off duty state trooper...boy was THAT county cop in it deep.

Same riders also do a fundraiser and toy collection runs for the impoverished over the xmas holidays, so to judge bikers by their appearance is somewhat asinine, yes.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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