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I remember that post about that run, it took gumption to take that trip, the break down truck should have had some gas for you to finish the trip, but I don't think they carry premix. :)

You should check out one of the meetings or functions those guys invited you to.

When you make friends with REAL Harley riders (not a yup that just bought one on plastic) you'll have help when ever you need it.

You're more likely to see a REAL rider changing some old lady's flat tire, mowing a neighbors grass when they're away, or taking you to work when your car is in the shop.

I've been on runs where the run sponsor would set up a phony "break down" on the side of the road, to see who would stop and render assistance. They would be rewarded at the end of the run. Our group stopped and we got free T shirts.

To me, I don't give a rats bunghole what you ride, if it has 2 (or 3) wheels you're OK in my book. Strap that extra gas can to your ped and go on the next poker run, and when you finish, take a picture of all the guys slappin' you on the back and post it here on the Moped Army.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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