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Hey guy and everybody else too:

Here's a lesson I learned at the "Univ. of Dumb & Dumber", the lesson was real simple, but the price of tuition to learn this little jewel was very steep. First always check your tank, take off cap and jiggle the ped from side to side to see how much gas slaushes around in the tank. Then top off your tank if it's less than half. #2 watch you mileage remembering approx. how far a tank will take you. Option 3, bungee a 1 gal gas can of pre-mixed gas on the back. Take it from me, I ran out of gas "way out in the country - - like about 20 miles to the nearest gas station" while participating in a vintage motorcycle poker run with my 76 PUCH Max (w/a 70 cc euro kit - - that thing gives a whole new perspective to the term "hauling ass & sucking gas", especially for a Moped.). Let me tell you, it's hard being humble sitting on the back of the "Break-down Truck", especially for running out of gas, particularly after having the b!!!'s to participate in a motorcycle run on a moped in the first place!

On the other hand, that fiasco did earn me respect w/motorcycle club that sponsored the run. They keep inviting me to their meetings and functions, also they finally stopped asking me,"Where's your Harley?? after I repled back, "In the shop being worked on like everybody else's". Oh yeah, another good one is to hit them, where it hurts, in their pocketbook, with "My $20k is in the bank insted of being tied up in a "Garage King".

See ya - - Rich

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