advice on 1974 vespa ciao

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a local shop has a one for sale for $750. it looks cherry and the shop owner says he had 2 from the same guy who bought them for he & his wife, but the odometer has 100 miles ONLY on it and he says they never really got around to using them and just garaged them. he says it's 100 original miles and i'm wondering if that's a sales line or what ? how about parts availability ? any info will help. thanks

Re: advice on 1974 vespa ciao

Vespas are fairly simple machines and parts are readliy available. If it is the Deluxe with the variator, it's the one to have. They can take any hill with ease.

To spot the variator, remove the left side cover that hides the belt. If there is a large metal drum looking thing at the back wheel where the belt goes to from the engine, it is the one. A regular single speed Ciao has a common looking pulley there.

The mileage can never be verified, but an overall inspection of the bike can yeild clues to the fact that the miles truly are low. Look underneath the engine. If it has greasy deposits there, don't believe the mileage.

The tires should still have the "stipes" from the molds, since these are practically new tires. These are the whiskers you see on new tires. The pedals should show no wear.

Go to and look at the moped section for a description of the different models. For parts this is the place to go. They have it all.


Re: advice on 1974 vespa ciao

Hi! You could add a couple hundred to that and get a new TOMOS or AVANTI Autopower. That machine is 27 yrs. old,but if you're looking for a classic it's all right,I guess.BYE!

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