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1980 peugeot 103 is there a seal on the flywheel side.what is the process of replacing book doesn't say much.this is where im getting a high idle from.thanz much Dan

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There's one on the clutch side and it's held in by two screws and a plate but I've never had the stator plate off to see if there's one on the other side. There has to be a seal there, you'll just have to pull the flywheel and stator plate and see what your dealing with. It may be part of the stator plate but my best guess is it's just a pressed in seal. By the way, how did you determine the seals bad, a leakdown test?

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Ron Brown /


Normally, if either of the crank seals are leaking, gas/oil mix will leak out and run down the engine. Check for this before disassembly.


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I have this problem to, i remove the strator plate . We dont see the seal, i think is inside the motor. You need to split the motor in 2 !!!!

For now, to have a idle i need to keep the choke when i do a stop .

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Hi,Dan! Before you tear down the engine for a leaky seal(IF you're sure it's leaky),you might try one of my old home remedies for dried out seals.Fill the suspect cavity with Trans-X automatic transmission additive.Try to at least get a sloshing effect against the offending seal,and better yet to rotate the component shaft which should be sealing against the flexible material.This stuff will slightly swell the seals and can give new life to old seals.It really works! Just make sure you remove it totally after a few hours.Just trying to keep you from a lot of headache if possible! This stuff is available at AUTO ZONE in pint cans or old `pierce the top' quart cans.The cans are bluish metallic.I couldn't tell you how many seals I've brought back to life with this stuff.I used to use cheap brake fluid but the old type is hard to find and the new brake fluid doesn't swell seals as well.

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