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jess_monster /

Well an old man from around my parts needs a little help on his moped. I don't know much about true mopeds yet so I'm gonna need some help. First off, it's a sach's. On the side it says Yardman and Mo-trek (maybe?). I think it's a 79.

The problem with the moped is that it won't idle and the back wheel is kind of, well sort of, well sometimes, locked up. When you go to just push it the back wheel won't turn and is just sort of locked up. I don't think it's from the brake but haven't tinkered yet. After you peddle and it starts going then the wheel is free. SO I figure the brakes aren't the problem. correct??? Then when he slows down it won't go into an idle. Also it has a bing carb and I turned the screw that I thought was for idle. (If you know tell me what screw is for idle.) If I had the right one I think it may be caused by the same thing as the rear tire not turning.

And Lastly, He told me this over the sketchy.... The lever on the left side but not the brake you pull when starting. Well, someone tried to do something to it and they made it tighter, the lever that is. He thinks this may be the problem.

Thanks for listening and PLEASE help....I have never seen a sach's until today.

Re: Neighbor helping...

XBrandon EdgeX /

Aha, you couldn't have pinpointed the problem any better! The starting lever locks up the slipping in the transmission so that when the rear wheel turns, the engine turns over, and when the rear wheel stops, the engine stops. If this is too tight then it will act like it's trying to be started. It should be adjusted so that the wheel spins freely when the lever is out, but the wheel should turn the engine when the lever is pulled in. As for the Idle adjustment, the bing carburator only has one screw (on the puch moped anyway) and that screw is the idle speed, tightening it makes it idle faster and loosening it makes it slower.

Re: Neighbor helping...

jess_monster /

Thanks. My only hope is to one day be as knowledgeable as you. Thanks again man.

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