what the hell is a chappy

my neighbor just gave me this old moped...like...thing for cleaning out his garage. he said its a "Chappy", thats it. i think yamaha made it but im not sure. its yellow and is shaped like moped but doesnt have any peddles, just pegs. its dirty but runs (barely). i want to get it on the road but i cant fix it because i know nothing about it! ive looked on the net and couldnt find anything and neighbor doesnt even know where he bought it. anyone help?

Re: what the hell is a chappy

Dave, do a search in this forum for "Chappy"--search for articles in the last 180 days.

Re: what the hell is a chappy

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Yep, it's a Yamaha - just so ya know.


Re: what the hell is a chappy

Hi,Dave! Run thru Fred's post on `How to fix your Moped' and you'll get that thing running like ` a scalded dog' ! BYE!

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