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I ordered points and condensor for my batavus hs 50 from steves moped awhile back, when i ordered them they asked if it was a bosch, I said yes, so when i got them the points were almost exactly the same except they didnt have a small rod that inserted in to the motor, and the condensor had a screw on terminal. I didnt think much about it because I figured since it was an obsolete moped that these were the revised versions. So i put the set in and everything worked great it was real easy to start until recently i was riding it and it just died. It didnt lock up or anything it just has no spark, so what im getting at is there a difference between the condensor that i put on (it has a threaded top, i think it might fit a tomos) and the old condensor (it had the wires soldered to the top like a button) when i got the new condensor the tag said bosch m10 or somthing I know it said bosch on the paper tag. Is this my spark problem or should i look further into the coil?



Re: condensor question

Take the flywheel off or look thru the slots in it and make sure all of your connections are tight and not shorting out on the stator plate. Something didn't get tightened properly and vibrated loose. It's why it was originally soldered on.

Re: condensor question

your useing the wrong condensor it does matter and its not obsolete so order a solder top and but it on it should work fine after that

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