Re: Yamaha QT 50 oddity

Roy Markee /

I have a 1981 yamahopper QT 50 and am looking for a service manual. does anybody know where I might find one. I cannot seem to get mine to run and how no idea where to start.

I would be happy to pay somebody for a xerox copy? please notify me if you know where I can find a copy of one.

thank you


Re: Yamaha QT 50 oddity

Ron Brown /


First, click resources, articles and read Fred's "How to fix your Moped". Then start a new topic, describing what is not working, this is one of the longest threads on this board and you are at the end.


Re: Yamaha QT 50 oddity

Shawna Guy /

Hi. I found your site during a quest to find out the value of the '79 QT yamaha motorbike. I recently purchased two and found it quite difficult to find any information at all about the Qt's. I would love to know what the value of these bikes is, as well as the history if anyone knows it. you may email me any and all information. Thank you.

Shawna Guy

Re: Yamaha QT 50 oddity

Sorry, I got out of the moped world... riding a Honda cb200 now...


the QT was a nice introduction to the 2 wheeled motor. I enjoyed it a lot.

THere are several posts on this message board refering to shop manuals. Im sure some one would be willing to photocopy one for you.

THe value is tough to say. I sold mine for around $160 if I rembmer right. The book value on my 1980 was around $70. Mine was in good original condition, and I had several extra parts go along with it in the sale. I have seen a few fully restored QT go for a few hundred on ebay.

The QT was made fro mthe late 70's through 1986 or so, but the motor and drive train still exist, in updated form, on the PW 50, and similar Yamaha's.... So technically parts are still availible, albeit from Yamaha, and dealers are traditionally more expensive...

Good luck.


Re: Yamaha QT 50 oddity

I paid 500 each for my 1982's felt it was a good deal, mint condition.

Re: Yamaha QT 50 oddity


do you still need yamaha qt service manual. I have them.


Re: Yamaha QT 50 oddity


What year QT do you have? And is it complete, as in all of the parts and electrics are on it? CDI and control box? How many miles, compression. etc.


Re: Yamaha QT 50 oddity

Hello, i was wondering if you could tell me if you got parts to your Qt were you got them. I have a 1986 QT and i cant find parts for it. If you can help i would appercate it.

Re: Yamaha QT 50 oddity parts!

I just called my local Yamaha shop, and everything I needed was still available from the factory. also maintains a list of parts for this bike too.

THe QT 50 is mechanically (engine, maybe drivetrain) the same as the PW 50, a current model.

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