Honda Aero 80

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I've got a 1986 Honda Aero 80 which has always run nicely. Recently it suddenly stopped running when you give it gas. It idles fine and starts fine, but once running it quits whenever you throttle up. It doesn't seem to get any gas and just kills unless you let off on the throttle and it returns to a good idle. I've read Fred's Guide but am still a little leary about taking apart the carb to clean it. I have tried to clean as much as I can without removing it. Air cleaner and spark plug are fine. I have no shop manual. Also, what is the small adjustment thingamabob to the left of the idle adjustment screw? It turns left and right but seems to make no difference in performance. Is there a guide somewhere on "exactly" how to dismantle the carburator in order to clean it? Thanks to anyone who can help.

Re: Honda Aero 80

Look,Peter! You've got to go all the way with Fred's guide.IF you're not comfortable cleaning the carb,find a good small engine mechanic that will.It sounds like that is exactly your problem,and if you're running it lean,you may burn a piston.Once you get that carb and all its smallest passages cleaned,you need to also check the fuel tank,filters and lines for varnish before you try to run it again.Gas turns to varnish if stored long enough.BYE!

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