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I bought a TFR a couple months ago, it was used, so i didnt have to break it in. I went on Cosmo's website and ordered a performance exhaust. This added 10mph on to my ped!! I also bought turn signals and it looks sweet. I do have some advice to offer- Check the brake cables every so often, use the recommened amount of oil, and if you want a few extra mph, get some octane booster or nitrous oxide. Just be careful though- this may void your warranty. Also- i would buy some new pedals if i were you, and watch the pedals when you go into a really sharp turn, they might scrape. O ya- when you buy the new pipe it comes with a new, bigger carb jet, which is awesome. This is one of the advantages of the TFR- its really cheap to soup up- the pipe was only $88! Also- you can buy a speed pulley for $46.95, but this will decreas your acceleration considerably. I have a sport fairing on order and I am looking forward to the long life of my ped. Also- If anyone owns a kinetic and they live in ohio, contact me.

-Peace and keep on peddin-


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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