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jess_monster /

I got my Kinetic TFR today. I'm low in cash and wanted to know what it felt like to own a new ped. It is sweet. I was extremely happy with it. It is bigger and nicer looking than I thought it was going to be. Got it all assembled and took it out for a little ride. Everything sounds good. Haven't gone above 15 but it feels like it's gonna have a decent speed. Anyways just wanted to share my enjoyment.

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XBrandon EdgeX /

Rokken! You should bring it out to Sioux Falls so you can ride with us, or maybe some of us in Janus could come out to mitchell.

Swarm and Destroy!

XBrandon EdgeX

Be VERY careful.

Reeperette /

Kinetic makes a great machine - but they have very poor quality control on the assembly line, so be very cautious breakin it in...and keep the original paperwork handy.

Once you get past break in tho....go ape, some Vespa upgrades will fit on the TFR, and there's a few other tricks, it's a rockin piece of metal for the price, once you break it in.

Keep an eye on yer mixture too, dude.


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Hey, Must be nice not to being turning bolts and twisting baling wire for a change, Mabe one day! Congratulations!!! Doug D.


Wayne Broderick /

That's great! I was so exited when the box with my moped arrived.

Drive safe---! Have fun!

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jess_monster /

Brandon,,, We are gonna do that sometime. Now I just need to do the break in period and get it so I can cruise at a good rate. You guys might want to come to Mitchell. It's kinda nice riding here but I'll let you know when I get that break in done.

Thanks for the tips Ree. I'm babying this. I haven't gone above about 12 and I have a good mix. It's gonna be a long break-in period but i'm sure the rewards will be well worth the wait. It really is a good deal for the money....til it breaks down at least.

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I have a '00 Kinetic Magnum with almost 700 miles...it was hard to keep from going over about 20mph during the break-in period...but be patient! Actually, I cheated and went full throttle at the 296 mile mark!

I use Amsoil in my moped---2-1/2 oz. per gallon, which is the amount that Cosmopolitan Motors (importer) told me to use. If you are unsure of how much oil to add to your gas, call Cosmo and tell them what type you are using and follow their recommendations. Also, Cosmo is very helpful should you encounter any problems.

I bought a locking gas cap from Cosmo after hearing about people adding crap to gas tanks and/or stealing the gas.

My Magnum will go about 30mph or so (25 uphill).

Enjoy your new Kinetic----I think they're one of the coolest looking mopeds around!


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Congratulations,Jess_Monster! Break it in right and she'll last a long time.Also,if you want to do the best for it,use only quality gas with no ethanol or methanol(MARATHON or SHELL is excellent)and use the recommended octane gas.BYE!

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I just got a Kinetic TFR and it makes a funny ringing sound at 16 mph that seems like it's coming from the fuel tank area. It doesn't make the sound above or below that speed. Anyone know why that might be happening? I'd be grateful for any advice.


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Hi,Victor! Hopefully it's not a motor vibration,but just a belt or pulley out of whack.Just check the belt and it's pulleys and the dry clutch.Should be simple to locate on a `ped while throttling it on the stand.Just don't overrev the engine if it's not broken in yet,and it will also be susceptible to overheating on the stand.If you do find it's a motor vibration,and it's under warranty,take it to the dealer.If it's not under warranty,check it out quickly!Could be a loose head or spark plug,but that's a very long shot. You don't want to explode the engine when you can just rebuild it a little.BYE!

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I bought a TFR a couple months ago, it was used, so i didnt have to break it in. I went on Cosmo's website and ordered a performance exhaust. This added 10mph on to my ped!! I also bought turn signals and it looks sweet. I do have some advice to offer- Check the brake cables every so often, use the recommened amount of oil, and if you want a few extra mph, get some octane booster or nitrous oxide. Just be careful though- this may void your warranty. Also- i would buy some new pedals if i were you, and watch the pedals when you go into a really sharp turn, they might scrape. O ya- when you buy the new pipe it comes with a new, bigger carb jet, which is awesome. This is one of the advantages of the TFR- its really cheap to soup up- the pipe was only $88! Also- you can buy a speed pulley for $46.95, but this will decreas your acceleration considerably. I have a sport fairing on order and I am looking forward to the long life of my ped. Also- If anyone owns a kinetic and they live in ohio, contact me.

-Peace and keep on peddin-


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