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What they had in Dumb and Dumber whas what is commonly referred to as a mini-bike. Generally powered by a 4-stroke engine, using a centrifugal clutch and only one speed. They are very simple in design and operation, and are not nearly as sophisticated as a modern moped.


RE: Plans for a mini-moped


Man, I can't figure out how to properly respond to posts on this message board. Torje- what you want is a mini-bike, powered by a 4-cycle engine similar to a tiller or side-shaft lawn mower engine. They use a centrifugal clutch and only 1 speed. They are simpler and less sophisticated than modern mopeds, but are generally very inexpensive and simple to maintain.</HTML>

Plans for a mini-moped

Torje S.E. /

Hi all,

I am looking for plans for building a "mini-moped" (dunno what you call 'em in english) like the one used by Jim Carrey in his movie "Dumb and Dumber". It was a really tiny thing with what sounded like a very small engine, yet it had room for two people. Any plans for something like that highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

-Torje S.E.


RE: Plans for a mini-moped

need plans"" quick please

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