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Part of the reason Mopeds are becoming so much more popular is the demand for a "Personal Vehicle". The Honda Gyro is a great machine, because it was an early attempt at breaking into the "pee-vee" market. People need something that they can depend on rain or shine-- most commuters aren't ready to wear a rainsuit to get to work, so motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters are all going to have days when they aren't going to be usable.

The Honda Gyro addresses this niche-- the limited market shows that people aren't ready for a 'moped with side doors' quite yet.

I would love to bring one on the golf course and terrorize the electric Golf carts on one of those!!

This post isn't about Mopeds, exactly.. but it is... I'll explain--

The rapidly increasing popularity of scooters and mopeds is at least partially due to the costs of keeping a 'normal' vehicle going. By riding a Moped, we are showing that alternatives to expensive gas guzzlers are out there, and are indeed very cool.

The Honda Gyro... The one for commuters who can't deal with some weather... Add 50 years to the Gyro, and suddenly you've got some incredible "PeeVee's", many based on new developments in 'tilting three wheel' suspension. My wife just got back from seeing "A.I." and she said it was full of these "personal vehicles". I didn't see the movie, but I was able to show her a picture of several prototype TTW's and she said they were all based on this design.

I've posted a small pic of a TTW for your reference.

The Summary of this post:

By riding an alternative method of transportation in the year 2000, you help increase the future popularity (and availability) of 'alternative transportation' in the year 2050.

Swarm and Destroy!


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Reeperette /

I like the honda Gyro-Up model or the Canopy jobbie.

That is, in fact, still a "moped"...but it's kickass.

Check it out at


Re: Pee Vee's (TTW's)

steven-nj /

why do i not have permission to enter that site. it is pissing me off because i can't get any help!

Re: Pee Vee's (TTW's)

Wow--- I'm glad this was bumped up. Those TTW's are so cool.

FYI, I had no trouble getting into their site

PV's are hot.....becuase they are usually concept machines.

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