70CC Bore Kit / Bi Turbo for Motobecanes?

Ray Sanders /

Does anyone know if a 70cc bore kit and/or bi turbo will fit on a motobecane?

Looking at my service manual, I know the cylinder is removable, so it may be possible, I'm just wondering if anyone has done it before.

I'm torn..... I really want to be able to keep up with 35/40 mph traffic, and hills.

I live in Iowa, and it is very hilly around here. My Mobylette only does aout 15, maybe 20 tops up a hill. I'd like to have more power to get up hills and accelerate a bit quicker.

I've been contemplating a Honda Rebel 250, or a Ninja 250 as they usually have a top speed of 60-70 which is all the more I need. Heck, 40 is fine for me if the bike has enough power to go up a decent grade at 30 or so.

I'd consider pulling the baffle off my muffler, but the bike is damn loud without it and I'd rather not get a loud exhaust ticket (It's no louder than a harley, but I know the cops around here would have fewer second thoughts about giving a geek a ticket)

Any ideas?

Re: 70CC Bore Kit / Bi Turbo for Motobecanes?

Ray, I know I heard somewhere that someone modified a Biturbo to fit a Motobecane...but you may want to consider the Polini exhaust instead which is made for Motobecane. As for the 70 cc kit, I doubt it, but you may be able to find something in Europe. I read in the manual that the cylinders are chromium plated and cannot be rebored, I don't know how true this is though.

Re: 70CC Bore Kit / Bi Turbo for Motobecanes?

Ray Sanders /

Yeah, basically no punching out the cylinder on a motobecane.

(I tell you what thought, the chrome plated cylinder probably helps against seizing)

Okay, so I'm dumb when it comes to moped hop up parts. What exactly is a polini exhaust, and where do I get one for my Mobylette?


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