where do i buy one???

well, i've been workin on my little homemade minibike/ped and it's kinda not workin out good, yet. i was just wonderin where i could find a cheap old moped thats street legal, i looked in the newpaper classifieds and there's always two or three for a few grand. i just want something cheap! if you guys know where to check out around niagara falls,NY let me know! - Pumapimp

Re: where do i buy one???

Reeperette /

If you can get em to ship, Akron Moped in Akron OH is a good bet...what radius in miles you wanna talk about ? cause if I know how far....I can maybe get you a list of folks that carry em within that - that might have used.

Classifieds at moped2.org ain't too bad neither - and try traderonline's cycle dept.


Re: where do i buy one???

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