It runs.....

I got the 70cc kit in and running with the Arreche/Amal carb.

I had to cut the base off of my original intake manifold and use it as a spacer to get more clearance between the carb and the block. The carb is still a little slanted but it works.

I also flipped the piston back to the way it is supposed to be installed (slots on intake side). Does anyone know which screws do what on this carb? I assume that 1 is for idle control and 1 for mixture but which is which? I'll search the net for this info but I thought this may be quicker.


Re: It runs.....

Ron Brown /


One of the screws is a stop for the throttle slide. The taper on the end supports the slide and keeps it from closing all the way. This is the idle speed control. The other, usually lower and offset from the slide, is idle mixture control.


Re: It runs.....

Hi,Nick! I just wanted to know if you're sure you've got plenty of good threads holding the intake on,since you said you used a spacer.Anytime you modify length with the original screws you've got to be careful or you might have some more serious problems crop up.There's a lot of vibration down there you know!BYE!

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