Tomos TT Classic

I just bought my first moped, a 1999 Tomos TT Classic. What a great bike; except for the width of the tires it looks just like a motorcycle. There was only 504 made of this classic edition. In the future, I'll probably get a full-fledged motorcycle.


RE: Tomos TT Classic

is this the one that is styled after the look of the old tomos? does it have pedals? i heard that tomos was making an older looking moped. most of their stuff now days has a strange plastic feel to it. do you have a photo of this? - i'd like to see it.....

RE: Tomos TT Classic


I don't have a photo for you yet, but it has more chrome than any other of the Tomos mopeds. For example, the handlebars and mirrors are chrome. And like the Targa LX models it has the gas tank in front of the seat (motorcycle design).

Try typing "Tomos TT Classic in a search engine and there might be a picture somewhere on the net.


Re: RE: Tomos TT Classic

Just got one myself Mines has stock Tomos Turn signals and peddles and a front cowling for the front of the body.

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