newbie ?,fuel injector cleaner?

Just bought a yamaha jazz demo,$1500 canadian which is almost a buck and a half american,yuk,yuk,geez our dollar has tanked.Can i use something like "Pennzoil fuel injector cleaner"made for cars in my little machine??

Re: newbie ?,fuel injector cleaner?

Why?????? Yeah, sure, and if you mix some Mazola corn oil in the gas also it'll smell just like fish sticks when it runs. Just kidding......If it's a fuel injected four stroke and you think the injectors are dirty, sure. If it's a two stroke, no, just gas and oil in the manufactures recommended ratio, especially if it's new, so as not to void the warranty.

Re: newbie ?,fuel injector cleaner?

As a general rule, don't use automotive products in mopeds/scooters/motorcycles, particularly two- strokes. The crank seals could be damaged and they are no fun to replace.


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