honda express short

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I have a 1980 honda nc50 express. I recently started it, and the low beam wouldn't work. Then I switched to the high beam, and it blew out right away. I got a new battery and headlight ( the old battery was completely dead, and I missed not having blinkers) and hooked everything up. The new headlight blew out right away. Whats going on here? What should I check? Any help is appreciated.


Re: honda express short

Sound like your voltage regulators shot.

Re: honda express short

Could also be that the rectifier isn't grounded properly. Check the Expressly Mopeds forum for info on Honda Express.

Jim C.

Re: honda express short


I got screwed like that because I put a fuse in the line near the battery that was not long enough to make contact at both ends all the time. I blew the headlight several times before I figured it out. Make sure your fuse is the correct length!


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