info for '77 cimatti citybike

i just purchased a 1977 cimatti citybike and i am looking for any information regarding maintenance, performance, or customizing. I am especially looking to get more power out of it.

Re: info for '77 cimatti citybike

go to, they have service manuals avalable

Re: info for '77 cimatti citybike

You have a Minarelli V1 on your CityBike.

Re: info for '77 cimatti citybike

Puch exhausts mount up, but swing to the opposing side.

You will not have enough room for the Polini intake if you kit your bike because the frame/tube comes too far forward not allowing you the clearance you need. You will subsequently have to make something custom.

Your tank even though it has gas might leave your engine thirsty when traveling up hill because the petcock is in the forward part and there is such a dramatic shape to the tank.

There is a bypass switch under your headlight bucket.

You moped is heavier than all the elements on the planet combined.

City bikes are fun! Post a photo!

Re: info for '77 cimatti citybike

the garelli vip intakes on treats can be cut...and will fit under the frame...spigot style to the carb. Ed's got the clutches you'll want for a badass kit..he also has kits. If you're gonna buy some stuff, get it from him.

Re: info for '77 cimatti citybike

I can show you some pics of my Garelli VIP to 19 modification, but perhaps you should get acquainted with stage 0 and basic tuning of a non modified moped.

Re: info for '77 cimatti citybike

^^^true dat

Re: info for '77 cimatti citybike

easiest 19mm intake for a city bike: Stock minarelli exhaust header. Works perfect.

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