no idle whit my 103 !

Hello moped friend !

I have a PEUGEOT 103 and i dont have idle ...

Today, i change all the cylinder gasket, the intake valve gasket to. I have 120 lbs of compression in the cylinder. I have 3 carburators whit 3 differents jet, i try it all and always the same trouble, NO IDLE !?!? Plus i check the timming and it's ok.

Now i dont know what i need to check...

When i keep the choke, the motor run great and i have a idle ! Ithink the problem, i have to much air in the carburator. The gas line is ok. The mix i have is 32:1.

What can i do ????

Thank's !

Re: no idle whit my 103 !

XBrandon EdgeX /

Sounds like a vaccum leak somewhere between the carburator and the cylinder. Make sure the intake manifold gasket is good and the connection between the carb and manifold is sealing. Maybe put some liquid gasket maker in there somewhere. One way to check for a vaccum leak is spray carb cleaner or starting fluid in different spots where air could leak in in the manifold/carburator area. If it idles or comes closer to idling when spraying a certain area, then you've got a vaccum leak that needs to be sealed.

Re: no idle whit my 103 !

I used to have a 78 peugeot 103 and i had the same problem, take apart your carb and take out all rubber or plastic pieces and let is soak in carb cleaner or gasoline over night, then spray it with compressed air or if you dont have that just spray it with more carb cleaner and put it back together. try that with all 3 carbs and see which 1 works best. if none of them work then like brandon said you probly have a leak somewhere. good luck


Re: no idle whit my 103 !

Chris Robertson /

Hi Alain:

I've had similar problems with my Peugeots. It's usually the part of the manifold where the carburetor slides on (and is clamped in place). Just get some of the liquid gasket stuff (as XBrandon EdgeX mentioned), and put it around the manifold. Once it sets, work the carburetor onto it --you'll have a good seal.

How are things in Maple Grove?


Re: no idle whit my 103 !

The carb could be the problem.But it is more like the seal unless you have 3 bad carbs. i have the prob .now on mine. the seal on the flywheel side is bad on mine.i rebuilt the carb and all that. i did want to spray in the flywheel because of taking coating off the coils,but i did anyway. Dan Peugeot is noted for carbs doing the same.

Re: no idle whit my 103 !

Did you ever get it to idle? If so what fixed it. Just curious.


Re: no idle whit my 103 !

Did you ever get it to idle. Just curious

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