Need help ID moped to locate parts

Hello, maybe someone can help me ID my moped. It is a 1980 motorcycle style with the name Carrara on the sides. It says it is 49cc. My problem is, that I can't remember or locate who made it. Does any one have any idea? I am also looking for parts. The moped runs, but needs new brakes tires etc. The man my dad originally bought this from for me twenty some years ago said that this type of moped was easily hoped up. Does anyone have any ideas on how this is done specific to this moped? Thanks for your help.

Re: Need help ID moped to locate parts

Reeperette /

Try this...go to and click on "I have no idea what engine I have" and see if you can match it up to any of those....

Knowing what type of engine it has will help a lot on the ID...I do recall seeing the Cararra Logo before but I don't recall where, if I do...I will let ya know.


Re: Need help ID moped to locate parts

Hi, For the tires just get the size off them, and the brakes, you will find most of them to be the same, a shop can match them up.... but I know it`s nice to know what you have... Doug D

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