Fred's guide question

First, let me thank Fred for publishing this extremely helpful guide. It has now helped me get two mopeds running.

But, I have a question. In the section on oil, Fred recommends:



With modern 2-stroke oils you should probably pre-mix between 3 oz.(43 to 1) or 4 oz.(32 to 1) of oil per gallon of gas.


Since I'm new to this, I'm curious about this recommendation. My Vespa Ciao recommends 2% (50 to 1). Should I be adding more oil?



Re: Fred's guide question

Mostly.... I say to go with 3 oz of oil per gallon because it is easy to measure.. and it gives just a little more protection.

If you want to go through the hassle of measuring the 2.56 oz of oil to get exactly 50 to 1... go ahead...... but I can't be bothered.

(just trying to make it easy)

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