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My neighbor stoppped me yesterday as I was out riding my moped. He was on a 1975 Honda XL175. It was near-mint. He found it at a garage sale. The prevoius owner had it in his garage for 20+ years. It needed a new brake lever, a carb rebuild, and some clean-up. My neighbor paid just $200 for it!! The Honda store offered him $1800 for it.

There was a garage sale in my neighborhood recently and someone was selling a used Honda scooter for $1500.00. Amazing.

Re: off subject but...

Oh yes ..Peggy... it is amazing... if a bike has a bit of a "cult" following, people will pay ridiculous (high) prices... while at the same time ignoring items that are even better quality, function, and useability... for one fifth the money!

There are a few examples... Yamaha YSR50's ... most of the Honda Z50's, CT70's,... and almost all Harley Davidsons.

Their prices are wildy out of line with common sense.

But... People will be people... and it is their money.

Anything is only worth what people will pay for it.

An old honda XL175 is a great old bike... (and will get better MPG than 90% of the mopeds you will see..(80mpg)).. while still being able to go near 70mph and be freeway legal...and fun on trails....... and pollute less.

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