Hey fellow moped enthusiasts,

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get the decals for my 1979 Puch Magnum MK2, I'm going to get it painted "Racer X"-style (Speed Racer, my Friend is going to be doing a Mach 5 impression w/ his moped.), and I wanted to get new decals that would look right on a black bike. Any ideas? Thanks!


Re: stickers?

Hi,Mike! Go to the Moped WEBRING and look at the PUCH websites.I'm pretty sure I saw one yesterday that sells decals and I think it's an English-speaking website.BYE!

Re: stickers?

thanks a ton don, you're awesome! i'm gonna go check now... hopefully i'll get lucky!!!

Re: stickers?

XBrandon EdgeX /

I like the racer X idea.

Re: stickers?

No offense you sticker buffs,

but i'm doing everything to get stickers OFF!

I've used Energine, fingernail polish, Avon make up remover,gasoline; like removing a tatoo, help me?!

Re: stickers?

haha, thanks man. i kinda figured you would... ;-).

Re: stickers?

ummm... rick, did you try this stuff called Goo-b-Gone? i don't know if you have it wherever you live, but in massachusetts, you can get it @ places like aubuchon hardware and other stores like that. and, the only reason for the stickers is to make it look like it would have if the paint job was original, ya know? but i don't know, if it looks cool w/o the stickers, i'll leave em off! but yeah, try finding goo-b-gone... if you can't, talk to some cleaning place. they might know what to use. good luck rick!

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