carb adjustments for '82 honda

will gettler /

I have a 1982 honda urban express moped, it has an automatic choke on the carb. is 2 adjustment screws whitch one is air and which one is fuel and how many turns in or out shold each screw be? 2nd problem is once i start the moped and get going then let off of the throttle it wants to die. then is really hard to start back up again.


will gettler

Re: carb adjustments for '82 honda

Hi,Will! Are you sure one of those screws,probably the uppermost,isn't an idle adjustment screw? If it is,maybe all you need is to turn it in a little to get the bike to idle,right? BYE!

Re: carb adjustments for '82 honda

The top screw is the idle speed, lower one is the idle mixture, 2 turns out aprox.

At the bottom is a drain valve. Sounds like carb could use a good cleaning.

I have found to start hot it helps to open the throttel a little, very little.


Re: carb adjustments for '82 honda


does this sound about right? (edited)

Re: carb adjustments for '82 honda

fifteen years old

moped man is a

mind reader because

this week

i was going to refresh

my memory on these


thank you mnm

Re: carb adjustments for '82 honda

Dustin Schings /

Hahaha, wow, this is an old thread! You can tell too because back then people couldn't just GOOGLE something this simple like you can today.

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