So I'm riding my moped tonight and all of the sudden it dies like it has run out of gas. I know what happens when it runs out of gas, because that happened to me yesterday. So I pedal it back home and get to work. I cleaned the carb again, and put in a brand new spark plug. Nothing. I checked my fuel line, fine. The engine fires when I try to start it, but just won't keep running. I know it sounds like a fuel problem, but I know that isn't it. I was looking at my Moped repair tutorial that I got from Myron's, and it mentioned contact breaker points. I have no idea what these are, but they could be a possible problem. What are they? How can they affect the running status of my moped? What do I have to do to replace them if they burn out? How can I check to see if they are faulty? I work full time and my moped is my only form of transportation, so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME!!! Any ideas?

Pedestrian for now,

Will Outlaw

RE: Breakdown:(


hope you are mixing gas and oil at 1 ounce

or 30cc to 1/3 gallon of hi octane gas.

that said, when you try to start it and it

doesn*t start is the spark plug getting wet

from the gas/oil mixture from the carb reaching the plug, if not maybe a fuel


take the plug out of the motor and put the plug in the ignition wire and lay the plug

across the cylinder head and kick it over--

you should be able to see a spark flash

across the spark plug electrodes. if so

then maybe not a ignition problem.

as i learned in class it has to be one of

three things 1. ignition

2. carburation

3. compression

put thumb in spark hole and kick over--if

compression your thumb will be pushed out of

plug hole. sounds like carburation to me

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