puch exhaust to Yamaha QT50 ?

I was wondering if i could take the exhaust off my 1977 jcpenny pinto and put it on my 1986 yamaha QT50. I think that it would look/sound awesome w/ a chrome exhaust.jw



Re: puch exhaust to Yamaha QT50 ?

since when have people been worried about how 'awesome' a yamaha qt 50 looks? Its a little girls bike! And 50's never sound any good.

Its the joy of riding, not posing, on mopeds.

Re: puch exhaust to Yamaha QT50 ?

Actually... I hear some very mean sounding 50's at the racetrack... ('mean' for a 50)

They sound like a very large pissed off bumblebee... and will do 60mph with a single speed tranny.

But if you did a moped up like that... you would definitely make your neighbors mad if you kept riding it nearby.

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