vespa ciao serial number

Does anybody know of a list of serial numbers to determine the year of a vespa ciao?

Ive seen lists for vespa scooters but not mopeds there is no tag on the bike just a serial number. thanks again.

Re: vespa ciao serial number

Hi,Rory! Did you take my advice and call B.J. at Handy Bikes about this? (614-299-0550)

Re: vespa ciao serial number

what state is handy bikes in. i'm in toronto canada. thanks rory.

Re: vespa ciao serial number

Hi Rory, I'm just up the road in Clarington. Handy Bikes is in Ohio I think, but go to, they're a local shop. Good Luck !

Re: vespa ciao serial number

I think there is a vespa place in California you could call, Jim C. who posts regularly on this site has talked about it, I think the guys name is Fabio. I'm sure he'll be around to post it or you could email him.

Re: vespa ciao serial number

I agree with Moby's statement about Fabio. He is at Vespa SuperShop ( and is a great guy--personable and extremely helpful. The phone number is (619) 574-1818. I called last week to buy some items and he walked me through a repair that saved me some money and a bunch of headache. I'll continue to buy from him.


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