Odessy moped by Solo

I just aquired an Odessy model moped made by Solo (or the name could be the other way around) Does anyone know anything about this brand of moped? The engine is supposed to be water-cooled with a mix of water and anti-freeze but I cant see any place to put this in. It also has two chains and two drive belts. It starts fine and everything (except the horn) seems to working o.k. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail to me direct at

bobdruk@gis.net Would anyone possibly have a manual?



Re: Odessy moped by Solo

Hi Bob, all I know about the Solo is that it's a German company and they're still in business but they only make lawn and garden equipment I think. You may be able to find parts at the moped shops in the US or you may have to find someone in Europe. My dad had a Solo moped in the 80's, that's why I've heard of it. Do a search on here too I think I remember a guy a while ago had one of these. Good Luck !

Re: Odessy moped by Solo

Hello Bob,

I have an odyssey, and an parts engine. The fill plug is located in the top center of the cylinder head, it takes an allen wrench ot unscrew it. Hope you enjoy it. email me if you need more help.


Re: Odessy moped by Solo

Check the Solo wiki on here I've got a page up about changing the coolant

Re: Odessy moped by Solo

Only a slight delay on the reply :)

Re: Odessy moped by Solo

nah 7-3-01 was yesterday

Re: Odessy moped by Solo

oh yeah didn't even notice the "01" part. oops

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