Question about my ped

Eric Schuler /

Hello all,

I have a 1989 Trac Olympic Blitz. I heard that Trac went under a while back and i was wondering about the value of my ped now. It is in MINT condition all origional everythig down to the spark plug. only 365.4 minles on it. Can anyone give me an estimate on the price of my moped please? I have had offers on my ped in the past but I didnt know if it was a good offer or not. I bought it from a yard sale about 4 months ago for 150. I figured i got a heck of a deal. Didnt take much to get it into shape. Just a carb cleaning, cleaning out the gas tank, and some polish.

Thanks guys,


Re: Question about my ped

Reeperette /

Well, I would check the year, cause Trac apparently ceased manufacture in 1987....and a Mint 1987 is worth $475.00 US.

(Confirmed Blue Book Value)

They may have continued to market, however, in which case if the VIN plate verifies as being a 1989, it would be worth about $510.00 US in mint condition.

(Estimated Blue Book Value)

Trac uses a Batavus-style engine, with an Encarwi Carb and many of the parts are still available, not that you apparently need them, but it's good to know.

If it were me, I would not let it go, Trac is a very "classic" design using much the same frame and style in the 80's as they did back in the 60's, so it has a very retro "look", and if it's in nice shape, keep it - ride it, and enjoy the hell out of it.


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