How can you find out the year of a moped if the serial number is known?

Does any one know if clutch shoes can be re-lined or do you have to buy a whole new assembly, if so, where can I buy this?

Does anybody sell carburator re-build kits? please send any info...

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Hi,Rory! Call Handy Bikes and ask B.J. about this.(614-299-0550) BYE!

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There should be a tag on the body or neck that say words like "This vehicle conforms...etc." On it will be the year of manufacture.

The clutches must be replaced. There are two: starte and drive. The drive clutch is the one on the outside.

The only replaceable parts on the carburetor are the gaskets, needle, float, and main jet. Those Dellortos are very basic and effictive carburetors.

Parts for Vespa mopeds are available from in San Diego, CA.

They have everything you need.


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Thanks for replying ,but the tag must have been removed. I can't see it anywhere. Just a serial number near the chain on the frame.Is there a list of numbers for mopeds I saw some for vespa scooters. please anybody....HELP

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