An Exedrin moment

What a pain.....but I am putting up with it.

First of all make sure you Puch owners get the "high rise" intake

manifold or the carb won't have enough room to mount!

While I am waiting on the intake to arrive I installed the old

15mm Bing (after cleaning it as a precaution) with an 82 jet back on. The kit is installed, I have spark, compression, and the muffler in new. I even ran the compressor thru the motor to dry it out after flooding the thing and that proved that I had no clogs. IE: air up thru the intake, hand crank the motor, air thru the exhaust.

I HAD 32:1 (4oz per gallon) in it like EVERYONE says you should for the break-in period. The thing will NOT fire that mix (new plug too). I just put 50:1 back in it and will try to start it again.

I am pretty sure that I installed the cylinder and piston correctly. The exhaust port is closer to the front tire than the intake port and the piston "holes' are on the intake side. I even filed and polished the intake manifold to "match" the port on the cylinder.

Has anyone else had any experience in this?

I have a 72 and 66 jet for the carb. Try those?

I also have a can of starting fluid that I haven't used YET but I am tempted.

Who needs an exercise bike when you are working on a moped? :)

I am about to take one pedal off and put my 3/4 inch heavy duty drill on it to crank the thing. Maybe it will finally give it up and start after that thing cranks it for a while :)

Or perhaps I'll just have a couple of beers and then fire up the 24" Stihl next to it and SCARE the damn thing into running!


Re: An Exedrin moment

gimmyjimmy /


Do you have a good spark?,

if it has points, try cleaning and set proper gap. (refer to Fred's tune up guide)

Re: An Exedrin moment

Hi,Nick! If it's not what GimmyJimmy said about the points,I'd guess your timing slipped or you sheared your flywheel key.But you do worry me a little when you say you THINK you got the piston and cylinder in correctly.BYE!

Re: An Exedrin moment

Reeperette /

Umm...Nick ? put down the chainsaw......heh....try that #66 Jet - with a 15mm Carb and a #82, it's probably gargling on the fuel instead of firing it.

Spin the plug out and use a hair dryer on it, if it's wet when you pull it.

If you get fire with the #66, check the mix asap...and make sure that's not too lean, given that you have 50:1 in the tanks.

Always try lean's easier to fire, and then richen up to a good point, rather than the saves a lotta headaches of this sort.


Re: An Exedrin moment

I'll try the 66 jet with the 50:1. I don't think it is the flywheel or timing.

Anyone need a pic of Puch 7 wire? Here ya go.

Stator side:

1. Grey - + to tailite/brakelite

2. Green - + to brake switches

3. Yellow - + to Lite/horn switch

4. Green/Black - chassis ground

5. Blue - + feed to coil

6. Blue/Black - + feed to horn

7. Blue/Green - Switching feed to tailite/brakelite

Harness side:

1. Grey - + to tailite/brakelite

2. Green - + to brake switches

3. Yellow - + to lite/horn switch

4. Brown - to chassis ground and - side of coil

5. Blacks - to engine kill switch

6. Blue/Black - + feed to horn

7. Blue/Greens - to brake switches

Other wires:

Brown - common to chassis ground thoughout

Black/Yellow - switching wire from headlite switch to headlite

I pity the color blind if they need this :)

Thanks guys.



Re: An Exedrin moment

stonneredog /

um just a guess but on my puch the normal #64 jet will flood it out hard and it wont run w/ the air filter on try a smaller jet or try startign it w/ out the air filter on

swarm and distroy


Re: An Exedrin moment

Now I am using a 14mm socket on a reversable drill to crank the thing. :)

One thing I can figure is that a Bing carb will not function properly if it is mounted cock-eyed in any way. I am going to make a spacer for the intake to give me the clearance to spin the carb and get it mounted correctly.

I have a Q about the slots on the top of the piston. The old piston did not have any. It seems to me that on the intake stroke all of the mixture would go thru these slots and toward the crank and not the head. There are ports on the side of the cylinder to let part of the mixture go to the crank for on the compression stroke for lubrication. Why does the 70cc kit have the slots? And opposite of the slots on the piston is an arrow that currently points to the exhaust side of the cylinder. I always thought that the arrow should point to the intake side. This is puzzling because if I flip the piston over the slots would be on the exhaust side and the arrow would point to the intake. The instructions say to put the slots to the intake side though.

It just seems odd to me and I am running out of things to try here.


Re: An Exedrin moment

Nick,I don't know Puchs too well,but I get the feeling maybe you've got the wrong piston kit?Some PUCH gurus out there will maybe give you some help.I've got a 2-speed Puch Maxi shop manual but it doesn't cover the speed kit.When you look at the stroke there shouldn't be a way for compression to escape once the intake ports are covered by the piston;I don't think so anyway.But man,if you've got the wrong piston and or jug you're fightin' a losin' battle!BYE!

Re: An Exedrin moment

I flipped the piston and it now runs! They must have sent me the wrong one. (Nasty gram to company already sent) It is a little "doggy" on the throttle right now. I guess I'll have to re-jet the 15mm Bing. Any suggestions? The 82 seemed rich, the 66 lean, I have a 70 to try next.


Re: An Exedrin moment

Hi,Nick! Glad you figured it out! That's the trouble with stuff nowadays.A lot of times you get incomplete info. or just plain reversed.I'd give that #82 jet a try.You did mean to say that you have your new 70cc kit in there, right? The piston was just backwards?So it will need a lot of fuel to break in with.It's safer that way,rather than take a chance on running it lean.But #82 probably is too big for it.Just try it and see.What spark plug will it take now for optimum performance,I wonder.

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