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If you had the choice to have a brand new Puch Korado(www.stevesmoped.com) or a brand new Tomos Sprint, which one would you pick and why? im thinking about getting a new ped and those are the ones im looking at.

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jess_monster /

I'd go with the puch strictly on the looks compared to the sprint. Otherwise I don't know much about the two.

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Wayne Broderick /

I narrowed it down to the Targa and the Sprint out of all moped brands.

FYI, a British friend of mine was making fun of me because I referred to the "Puke" mopeds.

How was I to know it was prounounced "Poosh"

Good thing I didn't mention Pugeot!

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actually its german and the way in german would be puuk(long u and ch=k) so yeha i gues in a english accent they would say it pooosh.

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Reeperette /

If yer a minimalist..get the Sprint.

If you like all the gewjaws, get the Targa.

The only real differences are the Look, and the size of the fuel tank....the Top tanks tend to hold a bit more fuel, which is why I started going with them back in 1988....I can burn a whole tankfull up in less than a day, especially given how performance mods cut into fuel economy.

I did once modify the space under the tank so that it could carry a small toolkit as well, normally it's just for show, as the panels are screwed to a clip that just holds em on, but it's none too hard to make that a tiny cargo space capable of carrying a small toolkit or a brownbag lunch.

Targa's tend to hold resale value a bit better as well.


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Hey Ree, im talking about the puch korado or the tomos sprint not the targa or sprint. id like to hear your response about the puch or the tomos.


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Reeperette /

I would toss a coin...just kidding.

Both 'peds kick ass...so I would make my choice depending on what the parts and upgrade availability is in your area...and then purchase whatever one has more - it saves a lotta hassle not having to wait for parts on order.

If you have a local shop for both, see if they'll let you test drive each one, and pick which one you like best.

Puch and Tomos are prettymuch even on quality, durability, although ease of repair comes down by just a hair on the Puch side.

It's a close call either way.


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