holy S**T!!!!!!

well the other day i was riding my moped up to the local moped shop. i wasnt pushing my tomos at all(i got a big bore kit) my bike speedo said i was doin 40 and i was at half throttle.i thought my engine was sounding wierd and a couple days erlier i had noticed that my crank had some extra slack in it. so i rode up to the shop and got a base gasket and found out how much a new crank was.....107 dollars...not that bad. so i went home. on the way home the bore kit started feeling like it had no pep. i thought to my self....FU*K...that damn cheap ass french half senthetic oil is messing my bike up. i kept on riding but at only 30. then i came to a stop sign...felt the bore kit and it was a lil warm but that was it. i could keep my hand on it and not burn so i figured cool.so i gave it gas and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGGGGGGG.it died. with a very bad noise might i add. so then i pushed it. then i went down a hill and the engine starrted turning and i thought oh no!! i heard the piston slapping the head so the crank had died. then it started slowing reeally fast as if i had hit the brakes. i heard a screeching noise. i walked it the rest of the way home. i got home pulled the head and found lots of nicks in the top of the piston and head. then i pulled the jug.one kinda bad scratch in the cylinder at one side where the transfer port is. so i looked at the piston and it is VERY VERY VERY BAD!! 3 really bad deep ass scratches in it. so then i moved the crank up and down,it was dead. i pulled the whole engine apart and found out that the extra slack was alowing the bore kit to push and pull on the concecting rod bearing. then the bearing literally disintigrated. the bore ikit hadent seezed. when it went down the hill a piece shot up from the transfer port and got in between the piston and cylinder. so now my question is can i use the jug and get a new piston and crank? the scratch is pretty light and my finger nail will barely detect it. i will post pictures as soon as i get home.thanks.oh and btw the crank is 107 dallars and the piston is 65. but a piston/cylinder is 199


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Hey Mike, sounds like the outer crank bearings let loose, relace them along with a new crank.Take the cylinder to a shop and see if they can hone out that scratch....

Re: holy S**T!!!!!!

Wayne Broderick /

This is why I don't want a bore kit. On the other hand, I really want a bore kit!

Keep us posted. I've got the same bike and I'm considering the kit. I think we talked about this before. That's a real pisser about your bike.

good luck!

Re: holy S**T!!!!!!

the bore kit is really really woth it!! my crank is a crank from many other bikes i estimated it had 30000 miles on it from 3 bikes!! yeah, how many miles does ur bike have?well if you take it easy on the kit then it will treat you nicely with the nice speed of 45 uphills at half throttle!. oh and btw that speed was taken from a accurate bicycle speedo.

Re: holy S**T!!!!!!


More zombie threads huh?

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