Intake Manifold Gasket

Ok, I've got a new manifold gasket and I'm just wondering if I need to do anything special to it, or if it's just a matter of putting it against the cylinder and tightening the manifold on top of it. Also, can someone please explain what exactly "decompression" is and it's purpose ? I'm under the impression that a little valve opens and lets out all the compression, I guess to make it easier to pedal ?Thanks again guys !!!!

Re: Intake Manifold Gasket

XBrandon EdgeX /

It should just be a matter of putting the gasket on and tightening it down as you described. Just make sure there isn't any gasket material covering up any part of the intake port, because it may restrict it.

As for your impression of the decompression valve, you're right. It just relieves the compression so you can get the engine to turn over easier.

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