honda spree wont spark

I just aquired 86 or 87 honda spree. The bike looks to be complete besides the missing back head like were some of the wires go to. It kicks over really well. But their is no spark coming from it. I dont have a battery but 1 person says I dont need the battery to run they say the battery if for the electric start. And the other says I need a battery to complete the circuit regardless weather i use kick or electric start. If their is another problem why it wont spark let me no and any other thing that could make it or prevent from sparking. PLease let me no with any info you have. and If you know were I can get a battery. Thanks

Re: honda spree wont spark

Im pretty sure the battery is needed to complete the circuit, even if the battery is dead ithink you need 1 there. do you mean back light when you say back head? if so then some mopeds are wired so that if the back light isnt working or is not there then it wont run. either way i would put a new spark plug in it, after replacing the light and and battery just to realize it was the plug would be extremly frustrating


Re: honda spree wont spark

what I meant was back head light. Im trying to get the battery. Do sprees have points and condestors or something that has to be cleaned or replaced from the ignition ?

Re: honda spree wont spark

Gros Pingouin /

AFAIK, there are two circuits here: the ignition/instrument/headlight (the one on the front) and the tail/brake/turn signal lights. I do not have my shop manual with me right now, but this is what I remember:

o The first/main circuit pretty much runs off the charger, but it could need the battery to complete it. It is very small (if I am not mistaken, it has coil, battery, headlight (high/low) switch, instrument pannel light, voltage regulator (in one way or another), key switch, and emergency stop switch). Everything else can pretty much be ignored.

o The battery could be needed to avoid making the voltage regulator rather annoyed

o The second circuit uses battery to operate; lights will be operational as soon as bike is in the "on" position

o Ignore for now the second circuit. It is nice to have but will not solve your problem

o To use the starter you need to hold one of the brake levers; that is not needed for the kickstart.

o FYI, I and my gf rode her 86 Spree (I am putting it together for her as a present) without the second circuit working at all: no brake lights or turn signals or even starter. It does not need any of them to run. Since I was given the scooter, I have been fixing it; now the only think left for me to repair in the electrical circuit is replace the switch on the left side (rear) brake lever.

o Did you check if the emergency stop switch is alive?

If you want, bug me and I will scan/mail you the schematics of both the entire scooter (I already scanned the 86 one) and the one just for the main circuit.

Re: honda spree wont spark

Aaron Nielson /

I just finished rebuilding a Honda Passport (probably close to the same). That year definitly has a CDI unit (black box). It could be a bad CDI or even a bad ignition coil. I agree with previous advise to get a new spark plug. I've seen really funky problems with spark plugs and it is also probaly the easiest place to start. As far as the tail light being needed to complete the circuit, I pretty much stripped all the accesories off of that passport and it still runs great. The battery shouldn't be necessary to get a spark though. Good luck!!! (sometimes electrical problems are a real bear)

Re: honda spree wont spark

I've been looking for a schematc for a 86' Spree for months.Very Very Hard to find.

Would you please e-mail me a copy?I would be forever in your debt.Thanks,Cindie

Re: honda spree wont spark

Bill Meyer /

Any chance I could get a copy of these electrical circuits? Thanks.

Re: honda spree wont spark

I would like to get a manual, info, etc for an 1986 honda spree. any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


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