PA50I runs intermittently

I picked up a PA50I from my father-in-law that would only run with the choke on.

We took off the carburetor cleaned it and put it back together and now sometimes it

runs and idles ok and then it will die and won't start back up til you get lucky or

fiddle with it some more. Also we checked the speed and it's only going about

12 mph. Also the horn doesn't work, I need a new rear brake cable and the right

hand side peddle crank. If I can get it running better and faster I might keep it. I

bought a service manual and it helps, but it's not all inclusive. Any help would be



Re: PA50I runs intermittently

A site dedicated to the honda mopeds is Expressly Mopeds.

They cover all aspects of these.

Jim C.

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