jetting a targa lx carb

ok, so I have this Targa LX '97. It works great, just a little slow only 32mph. so I buy a BiTurbo muffler and I can usually get it to 40mph. but all my friends have much better acceleration, and I am going to buy a 25th front sprocket. only problem then is my max speed will drop about 5-7mph, leaving me where I started, only with better acceleration.

What I want to do is jet the carb, but the shop will take a month to get to my bike, and this guy who knows what he is doing won't jet it because of liability. My dad and I have the tools, and can do it ourselves, but we don't know the correct measurements to jet it to.

I believe my bike currently has a 60 carb size. and the one they sell with the 70cc kit is a 65, but that will require airfilter adjustments which can screw you over bad.

this kid on the internet said he got a 63 jet, but I don't know if thats right.any help would be greatly apreciated, thanks

Re: jetting a targa lx carb

SteelToad /

Here's an idea, just get the bigger carb with the bigger jet and replace your carb.

I got the amal carb with my 70cc kit, and there is no reason you can't just switch

them out. The one with the kit does require you cut a hole in the plastic for letting

the air in.

Re: jetting a targa lx carb

Ataristyle /

Why don't you just buy a bigger jet. The stock in my '98 tt tx is a #53. I bought a #56 jet for $3 at and has them too. Just take the carb off the bike and unscrew the screws underneath it. Open it up and unscrew the jet with a regular screw driver and replace it w/ a bigger one. Good luck.

Re: jetting a targa lx carb

Reeperette /

Stock Jets in a Targa are usually somewhere between #48 and #51

I would take a look at what you have in there, and probably go up about 3 sizes from that - it's easy to swap out the jet, the hard part is getting the carb off, given where it's mounted in a Tomos.

And of course, it also means messing with the mixture to get it right, obviously.


Re: jetting a targa lx carb

hey wait a second....why would u want to put a new jet in? are u running too lean? or too rich. do some plug chops. i think freds guide in the articles section has instructions for the plug chops. if it black or dark brown then u r too rich. if it is white then too lean and if it is coffee brown then its just right. are you four stroking at top speed? this is when you are going with normal engine noise then the pitch starts to get staccato(drop in pitch and is chopped up) if this happens then you are runniong too rich at top end and u need a smaller jet.

Re: jetting a targa lx carb

alright men first off i work in a moped shop so i know a little bit about them and all you need to do is get a size 54 jet because the jet you have will make it way too rich a new bike has a 53 jet in it and when we put biturbo's on and change the jet to 54 it is amazingly fast around 45 mph and awsome takeoff i know because i get to test ride them

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