Targa Tomos

I have a 98 tomos targa and its in great shape but its running horrible. In first gear once i hit 16mph it cuts out coughs and drops to 14 ,eventually i get to second gear and it is fine until i hit 25 mph it cuts out and coughs and drops to 23mph.Thought maybe it was the jet, it wasnt .


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when did this start happening

? did u seeze the bike(cuts out wihile riding and makes a high pitch screming noise)

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Ataristyle /

Wow! Haven't seen you post in a while Fox! I just moved over this past weekend. I have no clue whats wrong with that tomos. How many miles are on it?

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Re: Targa Tomos

Wayne Broderick /

How's the transmission fluid?

Re: Targa Tomos

hey buddy,

fist try an new plug. then try and mess with the timing. or if that doesnt work find a good mechanic. freds guide will have everything

Anyone have a used moped for sale?

Anyone have a used moped for sale?

Re: Anyone have a used moped for sale?

Frankie R /

Please I would like to have a mopehead to go to school so i am willing to pay 5,000 for it so please contact me at my e-mail address above thanks

Re: Anyone have a used moped for sale?

Ron Brown /

I'm not sure I would qualify but if that is US dollars I'll re-style my hair!


he said ... mopehead ... lol !

..ah..... ya learn something new everyday... : )

I am going to start a new club called The Mopehead Army .... lol !

What a bunch of mopeheads

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