1981 motobecane le moped

Chris Seeley /

i need help with two things, first off my speedometer is broke because at the bottom the 2 metal strips are bent to crap, and i dont really know how the speedometer works, plus i belive my float is sticking be cause every once in awhile gas will leak everywhere, if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix these things that would be gladly apperiated



Re: 1981 motobecane le moped

Gutner carburetor, right? You probably need a new float, and the carb probably needs a good cleaning also. Even after replacing the float there's no guarantee that it won't leak a little when you park it, your best bet is to have a good shutoff valve, turn it off and let your bike die of fuel starvation when your done riding it. This will dry the carb out and goodbye gas leak. When you get the float out, shake it, it shouldn't have gas inside it, I don't think this is your problem though, just a sticky, dirty float. As for the speed-o-meter, I have no experience with Motobecanes but it shouldn't be to hard to find someone with speedometer info at this site.

Re: 1981 motobecane le moped

Got to thinking about your speedometer, is it the drive on the front wheel that has the bent drive tangs? If it is, you can clean it up with some solvent, soak it in oil for a day, then shoot some" PB Blaster " into it's guts and try to work it loose. Your drive tangs got bent when it's worm gear seized up, needle nose pliers and a keen eyeball should straighten them out. If there's a zerk on it, grease it. Check the speedometer cable to be sure it's not frozen, and pull the insides out and grease them for good measure. Hope this helps.

1981 motobecane le moped

Marc Birnbaum /


Regarding the leaks. On my Peugeot 104, is that knob underneath the gas tank a shut-off valve? Or are you talking about putting an additional valve on the fuel line.

My Peugeot drips when parked. It may drip when running, though that's not noticeable. Can this be fixed by cleaning out the carborator?

After I wrecked my other Peugeot today by setting it on fire (unless I can find some parts), I don't want to take any chances.

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