Bulbs keep blowing

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I've got an old Tomos (early 80's?) with a 6 volt system. I know the taillight is integral to the ignition system (why??). Every time the rpm's go up, it blows the taillight bulb, and I'm dead again. What could be causing this?? Thanks for any advise.


RE: Bulbs keep blowing

Do you have the correct voltage of bulb installed? This could be the problem. Even if you do, try a higher voltage and see if it heppens with it. Some systems won't work unless it's the exact correct voltage that they are looking for - but it's worth a shot.

RE: Bulbs keep blowing

the tomos has a two coil system because (or so tomos said) for safety reasons.

as you already figured out if you hit the brake the flow of electricity ends at the burnt out bulb and the moped dies.

two suggestions:

1 make sure the wire is grounded and placed in the wiring strip properly

2 if that doesn't work buy a bulb at a mejier or an auto shop that is made to handle 12 volts. It won't be as brite but it won't burn out.

write back and tell me if it works

RE: Bulbs keep blowing

<HTML>The voltage regulator has failed.

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